Are you ready to take a deeper dive into self-discovery, and receive professional support so that you can ease tension and relieve stress once and for all?

This container provides a safe space for you to explore habits and patterns, heal any limiting beliefs, and integrate all this information into your body by way of the fascial system. WTFASCIA?!

Yes! Fascia supports and surrounds everything in your body. Fascia also can communicate to all systems of your body changing how you feel body, mind, and soul.

Learn the importance of nurturing your fascial health and how this skill connects you with the innate healing wisdom of your body so you can feel lighter, have a better work-life balance, and feel better from the inside out.

My name is Kim Fish. I'm a certified Bodymind Method coach, yoga teacher, and LMT who focuses on fascial health. My vision is to inspire healthy choices, nurture relationships, bring communities together to create peace in the world through heart-centered connections to self and others, and prioritize physical, mental, and spiritual wellness and self-care.

I offer a holistic healing process rooted in the fascial system to help you develop more self-awareness, deepen the connection with yourself and others and mindfully restructure your lifestyle so that you can create a life that aligns with your core values, feels good from the inside out, and break free from the pain-spasm cycles that keep you feeling exhausted, unsettled, and unfocused!

It's time to make yourself a priority so you can continue to give generously without burning out!

Here are the details of this mentorship:

  • Lifetime access to the BCB's foundational coaching program- Love Your Stress {LYS} -a BodyMind Method© process with bonuses.
  • Live group coaching support via zoom calls every other week for up to 9 months.

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